Condos for Sale in Little Italy!

If you would like to live in a place with a balmy climate all year round and are fond of the great outdoors, then you must definitely look up real estate in Little Italy in downtown San Diego, California.

The weather is springlike throughout the year and in the month of May you will be surprised at the riot of colorful blooms everywhere you turn. Believe it or not, this place is close to everything – the beach, the mountains, the city and the desert. There are a whole host of outdoor activities that you can take up with your entire family or friends such as sailing, surfing, skiing, boogie boarding, snorkeling, kayaking, hiking and so on. If you are fond of swimming, you can enjoy the activity throughout the year. What’s more, you can go and enjoy a leisurely day at the beach anytime you want.

If you just like to walk, you will enjoy the charming streets with its ma and pa kind of vendors, the sprawling heights of the new buildings and the natural beauty of the blue skies with white puffy clouds, great big parks with lawns and colorful seasonal flowers. Shopping in Little Italy is a great treat. You will find lots of old world kind of shops and the latest malls and you can choose to go to both and stay abreast with the past and the future in one fell swoop!

Though Little Italy was a community started by Italian fishermen, today there are lots of lovely housing colonies which are very popular. You will find beautiful apartments and condos for sale in various price ranges to suit every budget. For those who wish to live in the city and yet enjoy some benefits of country living, you can visit the Little Italy Mercato, a weekly market where you can get the best produce such as freshly caught fish, vegetables and fruit from local farmers, pastries from local bakeries, and art from local artists.

Culture and art abound in this place too! The Saturday before Mardi Gras, there is the Little Italy Carnival, a mask event which draws tourists from all over the country. In April, there is a huge Artwalk featuring all the local artists and artisans who display a wide range of paintings, photography, jewelry, furniture and more. This event also draws people from all over the country. In May and again in November, there is yet another community event called Taste of Little Italy in which you can pay and taste the wares of the participating restaurants. The proceeds of this event are handed over to the Little Italy association for community development. In October, there is an event called Little Italy Festa in which over 150 stalls are erected featuring everything Italian from food, art and other stuff. This too draws a huge crowd. In December, the whole community gets together to celebrate Christmas on its streets just in the spirit of love. So as you can see, community living and activities are the best here! The transportation, schools, colleges and hospitals are very good too and so one can definitely choose to settle here no matter which stage of life you are in.

So go ahead and look up Little Italy real estate. You are bound to enjoy all the various aspects such as the weather, the community living, the outdoor activities, the natural bounties and the city’s innumerable advantages.

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Escape San Diego and Explore Real Estate in Coronado

Only minutes away from San Diego across the bay, the idyllic community of Coronado Island makes real estate desirable for either a family home or an investment property. Coronado, California is a relaxed community that overlooks the San Diego skyline. Separated from the city by only a bridge, real estate in Coronado is a family-friendly community that sports flat, sunny beaches, including some of the world’s most beautiful viewpoints!

Coronado beach is a two-mile stretch of beach lined with beautiful mansions that overlook the ocean. At one end of the beach, you can see the sunken gambling ship, Monte Carlo, at low tide. The Monte Carlo sank on New Year’s Day in 1937 when it shipwrecked off the coast. Silver Strand State Beach is one of the best kiteboarding areas in California, and includes a state natural preserve. Here, you can camp, hike, and swim along “The Strand”, as the locals call it. And for those dog lovers, there is even an off-leash beach for you and your pooch!

With such amazing beaches, it will be no surprise that Coronado is also home to world-class resorts and hotels, like the famous Hotel del Coronado. The Hotel del Coronado is a historic Victorian hotel that served as the inspiration for Oz for Wizard of Oz author Frank Baum and has been featured in numerous films. We believe that it will inspire similar fantasy in you, too. Walking down Orange Avenue, you will also find some of the best restaurants in Southern California, offering a wide array of culinary options.

The scenery and resorts are not the only amenities that Coronado has to offer. There is also an 18-hole golf course that borders the bay, numerous spas, ample yacht marinas, and a municipal pool. Furthermore, Coronado is perfect for anyone who loves the outdoors, boating, or water sports. Coronado is famous for its many 5K races and triathlons hosted throughout the year, most notably during its Fourth of July celebration.

And the beauty of Coronado doesn’t stop at the shoreline! Downtown Coronado is pedestrian-friendly, filled with unique shops, art galleries, parades, parks, tennis courts, and theaters. That is only one of the many reasons that Coronado was given the Great American Main Street Award. The city itself has just under 25,000 inhabitants, occupying a total area of 32.7 square miles. Although called Coronado Island, it is actually a peninsula that is attached to the mainland by the 10-mile stretch of Silver Strand beach. Coronado’s Fourth of July parade is famous, with a fabulous day of sports fun topped by an illuminating fireworks display over the bay.

These features are not the only reason why you should call Coronado home. The spacious, tree-lined neighborhoods will make anyone feel instantly at home. You will fall in love with our quaint, family-friendly neighborhoods that you cannot find anywhere else in Southern California. Living in Coronado is like living in paradise, and once you move here you will never want to leave.

If you’re looking for friendly, small-town ambiance only minutes removed from beautiful San Diego, Coronado is the place to be. Come remove yourself to our peaceful community, and call Coronado home. With its and a family-oriented community, Coronado is the perfect place to live or invest in vacation properties for your family. And with its ample business opportunities and a thriving tourism industry, Coronado has exceptional long-term investment prospects, making it the place to be. With property in Coronado, it is impossible to go wrong. From classic Americana to Spanish revival, from townhouse to mansion, from swimsuit to five-star dining, your dream home awaits you in Coronado!

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Condos for Sale in San Diego Are Yours for the Taking

Condos for sale in San Diego offer an opportunity to experience the many great things this city has to offer.

Over the years, San Diego has grown to be one of the largest — and many would say best — cities in America, second only to Los Angeles in the great state of California (which, if it were a country, would be the fifth largest economy in the world), and eighth largest overall. When you look at the many great things San Diego has to offer, it’s not hard to see why.

This part of the country is known for its natural beauty and mild climate, which is all the more important in this age of wildly changing climates and horrific natural disasters. While in some parts of the country it seems that both the hot summer months and the cold winter months are growing increasingly unbearable, the climate in San Diego remains remarkably temperate — perfect for outdoor activities such as catching a gnarly wave on a surfboard, riding a bicycle along a winding, scenic mountain trail, or just enjoying a lazy afternoon in a lawn chair out by the pool. Millions and millions of tourists flock to the area each year to visit its miles upon miles of sandy beaches, and in fact tourism is one of the main engines driving the local economy, along with defense and healthcare-related fields.

Regardless of what kind of neighborhood you prefer, it’s likely that there’s a place for you in San Diego. In terms of the natural landscape, San Diego is bordered by the vast, lovely Pacific Ocean to the west, and the Anza-Borrego Desert and Laguna Mountains to the east. To the south is Mexico, an entire different country, only a hop, skip and a jump away from where you live! Never has a natural environment been so diverse, nor has international travel (in a sense) been so convenient.

If you prefer a more traditional urban environment, there’s Downtown San Diego, also known as Centre City, right there on San Diego Bay. A thriving, bustling urban center, benefiting from decades of urban renewal, it offers many of the amenities you’d expect in an urban center: walkable city blocks with dining, shopping and various cultural attractions, boating excursions on the harbor and a vibrant nightlife scene in the historic Gaslamp Quarter. A trolley ride is arguably the most charming way to travel across a city.

From Downtown San Diego you can travel by trolley to Balboa Park and the world-famous San Diego Zoo. Balboa Park is the single largest urban park in the entire country, larger in fact than New York’s Central Park. In addition to vast open spaces, lush vegetation and miles of walking trails, it encompasses more than 15 museums, upwards of 20 gardens, several theaters, gift shops, restaurants and what have you, not to mention the aforementioned San Diego Zoo, home to some of the world’s rarest wildlife, including giant pandas. The San Diego Zoo is one of only four zoos in the U.S. to house giant pandas, and it’s been the most successful U.S. zoo in terms of panda reproduction. Pandas are notoriously finicky about reproduction: they don’t like doing it, and they don’t like doing it very many places. But they seem to prefer San Diego. What does that tell you? Those pandas are on to something.

With its temperate climate and variety of local attractions and activities, San Diego is a great place to live, and with many available condos for sale in San Diego, now is as good a time as any to consider a move.

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Condos for Sale in San Diego Are Going Fast!

Buyers who are looking for that maintenance free lifestyle on the sunny West Coast, are looking at condos for sale in San Diego. This is the place to be for gorgeous climate, magnificent scenery, and year round activities, entertainment, and adventure. It is also the place to locate that spectacular property that is not only beautiful, but well located to take advantage of all of the amazing downtown San Diego activities, shops, restaurants, galleries, and events.

Prospective homeowners currently have their choice of a wide variety of sizes and styles, from studios, to properties with one or more bedrooms, and condos with lofts. These beautiful properties come with everything a buyer would expect, from open airy interiors, state of the art kitchens and baths, and quality materials, to outstanding views and balconies. Buyers also have their choice of architecture. Condo buildings, in numerous beautiful designer styles are available in both wood and cement construction, and in both high rise and mid rise. All of these are well appointed with gorgeous features, including fantastic landscaping, beautiful, welcoming lobbies and community rooms, and a variety of exceptional amenities, such as fitness rooms, spas, lounges, pools, roof top community entertaining areas, guarded entries, parking facilities, and much more.

Condos in this beautiful, historic, and exciting city, not only offer maintenance free convenience, but an opportunity to take advantage of everything the city has to offer, and the time to enjoy it all. Homes in a number of marvelous locations offer views of the bay area, parks, and streets filled with unique shops, boutiques, and galleries. Throughout the year, residents in this fascinating city are treated to a variety of activities and events such as Comic-Con, San Diego Pride, Street Scene Music Festival, San Diego Black Film Festival, and many local street fairs and farmer’s markets. Residents not only benefit from their close proximity to the Pacific Ocean, but city attractions such as Balboa Park, SeaWorld San Diego, the family favorite, Belmont amusement park, and the famous San Diego Zoo and Safari Park. History buffs love the rich, diverse cultural history of San Diego and enjoy exploring local history in Old Town San Diego and Mission San Diego de Alcala.

Residents in southern California not only have a climate that enables them to enjoy the great outdoors year round, they also have the geography. Surrounded by a terrain filled with a diverse assortment of flora and fauna, canyons, and marshes, residents can take advantage of nearby parks and preserves such as the Torrey Pines State Reserve, the Los Penasquitos Canyon Preserve, and the Mission Trails Regional Park for hiking, biking, climbing, and bird watching. And, when they are not enjoying outdoor activities, they will definitely want to take in Balboa Park and visit the San Diego Museum of Man, the Museum of Photographic Arts, and the Old Globe Theatre, or venture out to the famous San Diego Maritime Museum.

In an area that treasures both the natural beauty of its environment, and the welfare of its citizens, there is always something new and interesting to experience. From taking in a street festival or an art show, to a night at the San Diego Symphony, or a performance at the San Diego Opera or the San Diego Repertory Theatre, residents of all ages in San Diego have an opportunity to enjoy their city every day of the year. Those who choose a condo in this prime location will discover a world of adventure and activity, a wide array of interesting venues and destinations, and the convenience and amenities that come with their new California lifestyle, and they will never be disappointed with their selection.

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Condos for Sale in San Diego are Just a Heartbeat Away

Homebuyers who are looking for a vibrant new urban home in a stunningly beautiful area of Southern California should certainly look into the condos for sale in San Diego, CA. As the second largest center of population in the state of California, San Diego is home to a diverse and eclectic mix of residents, cultures, and attractions to explore. As the regional base for much of the area’s culture and economy, San Diego always offers something exciting to its many residents.

With a rich heritage of colonial settlement and exploration, the city shows its history in the many nautical, Spanish, and beach-related influences. Homebuyers who are interested in this dynamic city and who would like to call it home can have all the best parts of San Diego right outside their doors when they purchase from among the condo properties in San Diego. The condo real estate in San Diego comes in many different styles and varieties. From the luxurious high rise properties that dominate the downtown area to mid rise buildings scattered throughout the city, to multi-family buildings that are prevalent in the suburban areas of the city, San Diego offers it all.

These condo properties in various different parts of the city differ in their price points based in large part on the type of the property, the amenities and features that are offered, and the location of the property. The condo units can take a variety of different forms. Among these are converted warehouse lofts, suburban townhome units, and mid-rise buildings. The most expensive condo properties in the city are often found in the downtown area, with high rise buildings offering units starting in the $400k range and continuing well above the $1m mark. These units are noted for their extreme ease of access to the downtown business centers and many of the cultural attractions of the downtown area, making them extremely popular with young professionals.

Mid rise buildings can be found throughout the city, and their prices depend on the location. For example, suburban midrise condos may be listed for $200k or so in many areas. In the College West region, to pick a representative neighborhood, mid-rise properties can be found priced even in the $100k to $200k range. To pick another neighborhood that confers a slightly higher style of living, the Mission Valley mid-rise condos can be found from $200k to $300k. Townhouse units are similarly priced in this area. However, in affluent neighborhoods such as Torrey Pines, Mission Beach, La Jolla, or Pacific Beach, homebuyers can expect to pay prices that are much more comparable to the downtown high rise units. More modest suburban areas of the city, with condos in complexes of multi-family buildings, typically offer units that are listed in an average price range. For example, in the Point Loma neighborhood, multi-family properties are usually priced in the higher range. San Diego is blessed with a great deal of natural beauty in the surrounding countryside. That being the case, residents have various ways to enjoy the stunning great outdoors around the city. Near the coastal parts of the city, surf culture and beach-going dominate the leisure time of many residents.

Families enjoy visiting several of the city’s beaches, such as Pacific Beach and Mission Beach. There are also a number of inland nature preserves and parks where residents who prefer land-based outdoor recreation can hike, mountain bike, and so on. These include Sunset Cliffs Natural Park, Mission Trails Regional Park, and Torrey Pines State Reserve. Those who enjoy shopping can visit the various storefronts and eateries of the downtown districts, each of which has its own distinct personality and culture. These areas are also good for sightseeing the city, especially the Gaslamp Quarter, Little Italy, and the Marina District. Those who enjoy cultural attractions frequently visit the nearly two dozen museums of Balboa Park, just to the northeast of downtown. The park is also home to numerous formal gardens, performing arts centers, and the world-renowned San Diego Zoo.

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The Good Life Awaits With Condos in Coronado, CA

Property for sale in Coronado, CA

If you could pick just one place that symbolizes the good life, it would probably have to be southern California. With perhaps the most idealistic climate in the country, this is a truly delightful place to call home. The best part is that Condos in Coronado, CA are affordable and the time is perfect to consider living in this lovely California city. Coronado is more commonly referred to as Coronado Island. With some of the most stunningly beautiful beaches in the country, this is a wonderful community to make as your permanent residential address. If you are interested in finding a home in this lovely area of California, then check out Prudential California Realty for more information!

One event that everyone should try to attend at least once is the Coronado Flower Show, which usually happens around the third weekend of April. This event is a yearly-tradition going clear back to 1925. This is one of the biggest flower events of its type, and it is not surprising that it happens right here in sunny southern California. The event includes many exciting and fun activities such as a series of entertainment shows that run throughout the day.

Coronado is also the location of the world renowned Hotel Del Coronado. Regarded as perhaps one of the most exclusive resorts in the world, it is considered a National Historic Landmark. With so much to offer, San Diego and specifically Coronado is a paradise that is just waiting for you. One visit and you will, like so many others, be sold on this very special part of California. The good life is in Coronado and is there for the asking.

High Rise Real Estate for Sale in Downtown San Diego at Bayside

Bayside Condos

If it is time for a change of sceney or just a change of pace, then you ought to consider San Diego’s beautiful downtown real estate at Bayside. The spectacular property at 1325 Pacific Hwy #2405 delivers maintenance free living, post card worthy views, and plenty of choices nearby to suit any lifestyle.

Restaurants, museums, shopping, and parks are all within walking or biking distance and you are close enough to I-5 that your morning commute or a weekend getaway is simple too! San Diego boasts professional sports teams, a lovely coastline, and access to any outdoor activity you can imagine. And with the comfortable year round climate – your favorite pass time is never out of season. Fine dining, local and professional theater presentations and concerts, art, and the culture that comes naturally with Southern California’s coastal communities are all a part of the atmosphere that will surround you in downtown’s Bayside community. And with the care free lifestyle of condo living you will have the time to enjoy them all.

Imagine yourself walking the waterfront, biking to the beach, or simply enjoying your favorite book in a local park on a sunny afternoon and then schedule your appointment to see this perfect Bayside condo today!

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East Village Living Done Right at The Mark

Real Estate at The Mark

Anyone looking for a stunning new home in a vibrant city setting will be delighted by the East Village condos for sale, such as the unit located at 800 The Mark Lane #1202.

The Mark is a luxurious high rise condo building located in the East Village, which is one of the trendiest neighborhoods in beautiful downtown San Diego. Living in a stunning high rise building such as The Mark confers numerous benefits to the resident. The Mark covers two whole city blocks in the heart of downtown, with plenty of retail and restaurant space on the street level. Towering to 33 stories tall, the mark also offers a collection of townhome properties adjacent to the high-rise building. The courtyard formed inside these townhomes and the tower includes a large lap pool, a spa, a sun deck, cabanas, a barbecue and entertaining area, and a grass-covered field that is perfect for recreation.

Just two blocks away, well within walking distance, lies Petco Park, home to the MLB’s San Diego Padres ballclub. Life in the East Village also means that residents can enjoy plenty of the city’s best attractions and points of interest, not far from home. Just to the northeast of the district lies Balboa Park, which is home to numerous gardens and cultural attractions that residents love.

Condos at The Mark are priced to move and with all of the cities amenities right outside your front door, the decision to purchase property here is an easy one. Schedule a visit and let us help you find your dream home today!

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Wonderful Condo Listings in Bankers Hill District

Condos for sale in San Diego, CA

The well established Bankers Hill is a great part of San Diego and offers lots of great businesses and places to visit. There are also lots of friendly people throughout the neighborhood and plenty of fun to be had throughout the city. Check out condo listings at Prudential California Real Estate if you are interested in a pleasant hill lifestyle right beside the parks on San Diego and not far from everything else either. San Diego, being the pleasant and busy city that it is, is full of great attractions such as the Mission Bay Park, the University of San Diego, and the Venissimo.

Mission Bay Park in San Diego is a massive several thousand acre aquatic park that is full of fun outdoor activities to partake in. No matter if you prefer picnics, volleyball, jogging, kiting, or just laying out in the sun there is something for you in Mission Bay Park. There is even a huge amount of water there for you to take a dip in or just relax by. It is quite a different experience from heading to a sandy beach if only for the shade and grass. The University of San Diego is a great school which is well renowned across the country for its sciences, arts, and simply gorgeous campus. Venissimo is the place to be if you are interested in cheese and are looking for a specific type. There are innumerable different types of cheese at Venissimo, all perfectly aged and ready to delight your taste buds.

High Rise Real Estate for Sale at 700 W E St #3305

Electra Real Estate

If you are interested in living in style in one of the most beautiful cities on the West Coast, you should take a look at the exceptional condos for sale at the Electra. This gorgeous, classically designed residential tower in the heart of San Diego is perfect for those who want a maintenance free lifestyle, a raft of luxurious amenities and outstanding views.

Privacy is assured in this guarded community, as is quality. Condos here come equipped with all the best, from state of the art kitchens and baths, with granite counters, to hardwood flooring, exquisite tiling, custom paint, superb lighting fixtures, and windows and balconies that provide the lucky homeowner with water and city views. The condo at 700 W E St. # 3305 is an example of what buyers can expect. This superior 2 bedroom, 2 bath residence, with its impressive views of the bay, ocean, and city lights, comes with hardwood flooring, a gourmet kitchen, complete with granite, gorgeous tile, and stainless appliances, and much more.

Residents of Electra enjoy the luxury of underground parking, a beautiful library, swimming pool, spa, hot tub, fitness center, and the fifth floor Electra Park. Home buyers, who can see themselves living in this Art Deco masterpiece, will certainly want to consider looking at Electra, one of San Diego’s most cherished classical residential towers.

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